The Center is a non-profit, run mostly by volunteers striving to make the world a better place for LGBT people and their allies. Through advocacy, programming, and outreach, we hope to make our 11 county area a better place.

The Center was incorporated and granted nonprofit status in 2004. The Center is recognized as a charitable organization for tax purposes.

Mission Statement

We are a voice and presence promoting understanding and building connections regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Vision Statement

We are a recognized leader regarding sexual orientation and gender identity issues, advocating and collaborating for equality, dignity and full human rights for all.

Center Leadership

Meet the people who make the center go.


We’re looking for motivated people in a variety of roles.

Our History

The Center started as an idea back in 2003 – learn how it came to be what it is today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission covers a number of broad, sometimes confusing topics.

Outreach Areas

The Center is dedicated to serving an 11 county region, and the greater population.

Annual Reports

The business side of the center.

Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

The rules we abide by to make a difference in our community.

Media Coverage

Our purpose is getting a lot of media attention right now – especially in Wisconsin.