Ryan Soberg – Community Member

RyanSobergHeadshotI am a proud member of the La Crosse LGBT community, and proof that our community has come leaps and bounds is the fact that I am able to say this openly, without fear of losing my professional career or my leadership position at a local arts organization. However, there are still many LGBT identifying individuals among us who do not feel such freedom, but need services and support regardless. The Center is that intersection where support and services meet the growing needs of an ever expanding LGBT community here in the nation’s heartland. The Center is not just a building, it is a safe haven for adolescents whose parents may not understand their identity, it is a networking center for LGBT professionals and their allies, and it is a hangout for people to go and simply be themselves. The importance of the Center as a critical presence in the La Crosse community cannot be overstated and I, personally, will do all that I can to bring LGBT equality issues to the forefront in the fight for dignity and human rights for all individuals.