Roger Andring – Community Member

choir boyI became involved with The Center a couple years back by helping the Winona location. I helped start a small directory of businesses and organizations that were open to the LGBT community. I am surprised to hear of a the growing group of businesses, not just in the Winona area but the Coulee Region that would love to support us!

I grew up in Winona and have lived here for most of my life. I am glad to live in a community of people that are open minded and intelligent. I grew up somewhat Catholic. I attended church with various family members. I never felt close to a faith group. Working on the directory that mentioned earlier, I got talking with First Congregational Church here in Winona. I found out that they were “open and affirming” I am glad to be able to connect with others via The Center.

newmemberI love to volunteer! Sometimes I get so booked up with saying “I’ll help” that I have to put everything in my scheduler. Sometimes, we all have to work together to make our community and our world a better place. I love the new location. I am glad I was able to help with the move. I love to hear about all the groups that The Center has started since moving to the new location. I do read the emails and newsletters that I receive.

If you can help out, no matter if it’s time, talent or financially, just do it! This is not just “THE” Center but it’s OUR Center. We need to make it grow and reach out to those in our community.