Kathryn Hietbrink, M.S.W.

I am a supporter of the Center for both personal and professional reasons. I moved to La Crosse the fall of 2005 to take my current position as school social worker at Central H.S., where I have been involved with their Gay-Straight-Alliance (GSA) all along. I feel that the presence of the Center and its GALAXY program for LGBTQ youth gives a strong message of acceptance and hope no matter who you are, and how you identify in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In my 9 years at Central, I have seen our youth come to terms with their sexual identity at younger and younger ages and am so thankful that they have a safe place to talk with others and receive validation, support, information and leadership opportunities. The Center literally saves lives, provides hope, inspiration, resources, advocacy, networking opportunities and education to all who are interested or in need throughout the 10 counties it serves.

The Center also helps La Crosse be known for welcoming and celebrating diversity and in turn experience all of the gifts that come with that. Having served on the board of directors of the Center for 4 years in the past, I am proud of where it has come and the support that it receives from so many individuals, businesses and organizations who realize the importance of having such a place here in La Crosse.