Social and Networking Events

The Center Social

The Center Social is a monthly program organized by The Center: 7 Rivers LGBTQ Connection and is an opportunity to see old friends, meet new ones and build a stronger community!

What is The Center Social?

It is a monthly gathering of LGBTQ friends, “family” and allies interested in having dedicated time each month to connect with old friends, meet new one and ultimately build a stronger community. It’s also a great opportunity for new members of our community to be able to able to meet and hopefully find new friends in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

How do we pick our venues, days or times?

We are committed to supporting businesses that support our work and our community. We want to thank them, recognize them and create community support for them whenever possible through opportunities such as these. We will try to host these on slower business days to give them an additional boost and we’ll prioritize our business members first when choosing locations. This could mean one month we are dining with table cloths, the next we could be ordering at a counter or enjoying a more creative partnership with the business to host a social and fun event. It’s a work in progress and we hope to build it so there would be something for everyone over the course of a year.

How does it work?

We put a call out to our community about the upcoming month’s planned event. We ask you to send us an RSVP by a deadline date to ensure the restaurant or business is ready for our group size and ensure you have a spot for the event. Participation is self-funded, meaning each person joining the event pays their own tab at the end of the night. The restaurant will be prepared to bill based on person, couple or number in your group.

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